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Click the Link Below To Hear The Intrducton and Entire Opening Song

                                   Introduction Of Dennis Dell From The Cool Bobby B 



Destiny Music Productions Of New York


                                                                      The Many Voices Of  Dennis Dell






I was amazed when I heard him sing and could not believe how his range varies.  I thought for a minute that he had a device that would change his voice but when he pulled the mic away from his mouth and sang without the PA system, it blew me away realizing it was really his voice and not a voice changer.  He also stopped singing on and off assuring the non-believers in the audience that he is truly:


                                    Looking forward in seeing and hearing you perform soon in AC.                                           

                                      Jeff K.     Atlantic City April 27, 2007



"A Great Performer"

What makes a great performer? I may not be an expert on the subject,  but I'm entitled to my own opinion. I went to see and hear Dennis Dell perform and as always, I'm never disappointed. As I entered the club he was in the middle of a song, and the place was packed with people.

I glanced around the room noticing some people engaged in conversation to one another during the performance, but the majority of the audience was watching and listening to Dennis. There's no doubt  this man has magnetism. As the night slowly disappeared, so did the people leaving.

Dennis continued to sing with only a handful of people remaining. It didn't matter to Dennis how large the audience;  he continued to sing as if he were at Madison Square Garden.  I felt the enthusiasm of the people. I believe if they weren't fans before, they were now.

This makes a great performer -- pleasing the audience regardless of how many are in attendance.  His heart and soul is in every performance.  I'm thankful to have been part of the audience as I watched and listened to this talented individual. In additon, another superb trait this man has is making people feel welcomed as he greets them.  No one goes unnoticed as he tends to his guests.

Sorano here, you know what to do!

Hint: I apologize for using improper English in this next phrase:
If you haven't seen Dennis perform, you ain't seen nothing yet!

Written by your friend,
Stephen Sorano
The Man from The Bronx, Villa Avenue to be exact!

May 22, 2004 - Saturday                                           Time: 11:37 P. M.



Dennis Dell has the appearance of a Roman Gladiator. Instead of a sword, he sweeps you off your feet with his many voices. Dennis has "The Look,"  most performer's desire.

He has the look, sound and voice of a star. Only this star shines brightest in front of an audience. Lights, camera, action; make way for the man with the look.

There's only one path for this man to walk, leading to fame. If you’re out looking for stars, don’t look up,  you may miss the show; Dennis is the man to see and hear.

Sorano here, you know what to do!

Hint: Hear "The Many Voices of Dennis Dell,"   now playing at an arena near you.

Written by, Stephen Sorano, The Man from The Bronx, Villa Avenue to be exact!

May 17, 2003 - Saturday                                       Time: 10:00 P. M


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